Mental & Physical Wellbeing tips to improve your Kiama Group Training

Today’s edition is here to cover your mental wellbeing.

You HAVE to join me in doing this.





Now you might think to yourself, what’s that got to do with my mental wellbeing?

Think of it as Pre Season Kiama Group Training. Athletes know it’s going to be serious challenging, some even dread it. But most know it is the push outside their comfort zone that will hold them in good stead for the rest of the season. Well, we’ve got a long season ahead and it’s called LIFE.  Make this the year you step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself regularly. It’s the path to personal growth.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

There’s lots of exciting things coming up this year at Oxygen Kiama Group Training, those that do the hard yards in pre season will be well placed for later in the year!

You might feel that this event is beyond you. Are you a bit low on confidence or self esteem? There’s nothing like taking on a challenge and stepping out of your comfort zone to build confidence in yourself.
6 Time Premiership Winning Coach Wayne Bennett says:

“Self esteem is how we feel about ourselves. Part of that can be given to us by others: that’s precisely why we have to be careful about who we surround ourselves with. Remember no one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them to”.

Oxygen is the most positive, confidence building health & finess community in the region. Surround yourself with us, immerse yourself in our culture and in 2012 you’ll be a much stronger person inside and out. Grab life by the throat and say “I can do this!”

Your mental wellbeing will skyrocket I guarantee it!

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