Monday Motivation – Culture

We have some bold and adventurous plans for Oxygen this year (I’m a real “plan” guy in case you didn’t know.) I’m also a friggen workhorse and when I determine my goals and a plan that goes with it I will work towards it tenaciously.

I read a lot of business books, and obviously health & fitness books. In both fields nothing great was ever accomplished without a very well thought out and structured plan. It’s something I enjoy doing with clients and even more so with my own fitness and business goals. But once a plan is in place, it’s time for action, time to pull the trigger.

I want to share with you my Long Term Vision for this Kiama Fitness business. 10 years from now…

Oxygen Kiama Fitness has transformed the lives of 1000 Kiama locals through our exercise and nutrition coaching programs. Oxygen Health & Fitness Studio is a high energy business with a group training focus. It has become known as “The 3rd Place” for Members outside of home and work and is recognised as the best fitness facility in the Illawarra and one of the top fitness business in Australia. Our programs, systems and fitness events are regarded worldwide and we network with the most succesful people in the fitness industry.

There’s going to be some BIG community events this year at Oxygen. Last year we had the Saddleback Smash, which is on again in October and there’s Challenge Week which will happen in March and October. Stay tuned for the Your Best Body Challenge and Push Ups for Charity events coming very soon.

Even if you can’t be involved, I’d love it if you could spread the word and help me on my Mission to transform the lives of 1000 Kiama locals.

We have developed a fantastic culture here at Oxygen. For those who truly embrace everything we have to offer it is absolutely life changing. There are more people out there in this community that want and need change but we need your help.

“Changing the attitude and behaviors of hundreds of thousands of people is very, very hard. Yet I came to see in my time at IBM that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game–it is the game.” Lou Gerstner in Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance

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