Monday Motivator – Planning ahead!

Success doesn’t happen by accident.

If this is to be the year that things are different, and you are serious about achieving those goals you have to start planning ahead.

It’s actually a very exciting process to go through when you plan ahead to what you’re long term goals are.  It can then be even more exciting when you break that down into short term goals that you can start ticking off along the way.

Maybe for you it’s mapping out what exercise you’re going to do on each day of the week.

Maybe it’s cooking up a meal on Sundays and freezing it straight away for Wednesday night when you know you’re going to get home late from work.

Whatever they are, planning ahead can often help you identify obstacles that may end up getting in the way of your goals.  Then you can create strategies for overcoming those obstacles.

And then you can start ticking off more of those short term goals you have set for yourself and be much more likely to suceed in the long run.

“The person deterrmined to achieve maximum success learns the principle that progress is made on step at a time.  A house is built one brick at a time.  Football games are won a play at a time.  A department store grows bigger one customer at a time.  Every big accomplishment is a series of little accomplishments”  David Joseph Schwartz.

So have a think about what short term goals you need to focus on for this week and this month.

Then it’s just a matter of reviewing at the end of the week whether or not you stuck to your plan.

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