New Programs kick into gear at Oxygen Health & Fitness

Welcome to the latest Weekly Wrap. Its been another exciting week here with some new clients, new programs and new motivation flowing throughout our community. Read on for all the latest updates…

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What’s been happening?

Mega Training

Last Thursday, Friday, Saturday I was totally privileged to present a seminar at the world’s Number 1 Event for Fitness Business Leaders, Mega Training. The topic was Challenge Week and how to run kick ass internal events that create a buzz in your fitness business. I’d like to think we do that with Oxygen Challenge Week don’t we?
I wrote a Blog post covering my Mega Training experience over at our website here. It’s got some great lessons that can help anyone breakthrough the obstacles they’re facing in life.
Gourmet Nutrition CookbooksOne of the invaluable tools we coach our nutrition clients with is the Recipe Book “Gourmet Nutrition”. It was compiled by the worlds number one Nutrition Coaching company, Precision Nutrition, along with world class chef Michael Williams. It classifies meals into two categories: Any time Meals and Post Workout meals based on their carbohydrate intake. Click here for more information about the GN cookbook and if you’d like a copy reply email to secure one for only $55. (Note you will see that if you order directly from that site it will cost $82.) Consider gifting a friend/family member this cookbook for Christmas.
Programs Kick up a Notch STRENGTH, FITCHICKS and SPARTAN have all increased their workload this week and the muscle soreness is kicking in! The first week of any program, although never easy, is usually an introduction where clients may have to learn a new exercise, refine technique and start off with lower volume sets, reps and time. Week 2 though is all systems go and you’ll be pleased to know I’m as sore as everyone else. You love that don’t you?
Weekly Wisdom

What’s coming up?

Friday 8th November STRETCH 6am Surf Beach

GROUP CONSULTATION 7am Gloria Jeans Saturday 9th November SUPER SATURDAY 7am Surf Beach

Jill takes the reins this week, can anyone guess what she has in store? I’m not even 100% sure myself but my guess is that it will involve sand, sweat and swearwords!
Saturday 16th NovemberOXYGEN’S BIG BREAKFAST 8am Surf Beach

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