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Welcome to another Weekly Wrap at Oxygen Health & Fitness. We’re into week 2 of the year and it’s noticeable how many motivated people have been lifting their intensity at training. There’s plenty of info today with a great success story, upcoming programs + events and also some sad news. Read on to see what’s happening.

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
What’s Been Happening?
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Precision Nutrition Kiama Champion Announced
Throughout 2013 we ran a number of nutrition coaching courses to help clients understand the importance of nutrition for health, body composition and performance goals. The competition format has been revamped each time in order to find the best way of absorbing the information, applying it and staying accountable.

Congratulations must go to Kat Hayward for being the worthy winner of Best PN Transformation of 2013. She completed Food Diaries, reported honest scores each week and submitted before and after photos which show her dramatic changes. Kat wins $2000 cash for her efforts but more importantly, after trying every diet out there, (and even working for a company that teaches nutrition) she has finally ended the head games of conflicting diet advice to find a sustainable way to eat for the rest of her life.
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If you’d like to achieve results like Kat and other past winners register for our next Precision Nutrition Online Challenge starting Monday 20th January.
Kerry’s Moving On
It is with great sadness I have to announce that our Personal Trainer Kerry Philp will be leaving. Kerry is our longest serving staff member who initially started as a client back in January of 2010. Kerry has always had an impressive level of fitness – she’s fast at sprints yet she can run long distance. She can deadlift 100kg, squat a ton and punch like a professional. One of my fondest Oxygen memories will be the time she challenged a Professional Iron-man athlete Ali Day, in a 38 minute side plank during Challenge Week. I’m not sure if Kerry truly realises the influence she has had on clients over the years but I’m sure everyone will agree that it’ll be difficult to find someone who reminds us quite so well to “suck those tummies in” or to train “harder, faster!”. Good luck with your next chapter Kerry.

Kerry’s Finale well be SUPER SATURDAY 7:30am at Surf Beach followed by breakfast and coffee straight after.
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Guy Farland
After a solid week of heavy weights, Olympic lifting and sled pushing Guy Farland  has accrued a heap of Performance Points to be awarded this week’s Member of the Week. Well done Guy.
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Precision Nutrition 12 Week coaching Program for just $297.

Join with a friend and pay only $197 each. Click here to register.

Weekly Wisdom
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What’s Coming Up?
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Friday 17th January
6am Surf Beach Kiama

7am Gloria Jeans Kiama
Saturday 18th January
6am South Bombo Beach
Have you registered for Australia’s 2nd Toughest Fun Run yet? Wanda Xtreme 6 is a 6km soft sand challenge through the infamous Wanda Sand Dunes. What better way to kick off Australia Day celebrations than a true test of the Aussie spirit!
Meet at the South Beach car park via Hothersal Street.
730am Surf Beach
Monday 20th January
21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp begins
Register your friends or family here for just $97
Precision Nutrition 101 starts
12 Week Nutrition Coaching Online Program starts
Click here to register for just $299

You can’t live without it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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