Outdoor Fitness in Kiama

Smash Squad has begun

Last Saturday saw a huge turnout for the first of six weeks in preparation for Australia’s toughest Fun Run. We went and tackled the final 1km stretch of the course which includes the infamous Hell Hill. It was as brutal as ever but we will certainly build confidence by practicing that final hurdle each week while simultaneously increasing our distance. If you are doing Saddleback Smash, which I expect you all will be, join us for training each Saturday or you’re in for a world of pain come Sunday 13th October.

Outdoor fitness in Kiama Spring has sprung and it signals a change of venue for training sessions:

  • INTERVAL RUNS start from Hindmarsh park
  • BOXING sessions will be held at Surf beach
  • STRENGTH sessions will continue at Kiama High School outside
  • Fridays Workout of the Month will change venues each month with September being held at Surf Beach
In the event of wet weather Kiama High School will be our Plan B.
I have had a few members enquire about whether we would be training outdoors again so I hope these changes answers that question. As much as we’d like to conduct all sessions outside the logistics of moving all the strength equipment is a logistical nightmare. There are also safety issues, council regulations and local residents to consider. At the end of the day we’ll be judged on the results we deliver  to clients and its our programming and equipment that will best help you achieve your strength goals, not the beautiful views.
Winter Warriors announced Congratulations to the following members that completed an average of 6+ sessions per week through winter, a new training singlet is coming your way:  Lisa Morris,  Erin Allen,  Linda Kleemann

The members who achieved an amazing 7+ Kiama Boot camp sessions per week and earned a remedial massage for their efforts are: Susan Hawley, Claire Osborne, Tammy Langlois, Deni Murray

Weekly Wisdom



What’s coming up?

Friday 6th September 2013
Workout of the Month 6am Surf Beach

Saddleback Smash Early Bird closes 5pm

Saturday 7th September 2013

Smash Squad week 2
6am Kiama High School

7.30am Surf Beach


Sunday 8th Sept

Husky half Marathon
Good Luck to all our competitors


Monday 9th September

Challenge Week Boot Camp begins

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