Tune in Tuesday – Your Team needs you for Oxygen Challenge Week!

Today I don’t WANT you to Tune In, I NEED you to. Well your Team does actually.

This Sunday see the start of Oxygen Challenge Week – that’s right this Sunday! Meet at 7am sharp at the stage in Hindmarsh Park. From there, your destination(s) will be revealed and Challenge Week will be underway.

If you’ve done Challenge Week before you will know that ATTENDANCE IS CRUCIAL! If you haven’t done Challenge Week before, re-read that last sentence.

You can recruit people into YOUR Team by sending them to Register for our nationally recognised 5 Week Fitness Formula Boot Camp. Numbers are a HUGE advantage so don’t miss out!

Part of the Challenge of next week is turning up to as many sessions as possible to help your Team.

  • 1 Point for every session you attend.
  • Another Point if you’re wearing your Oxygen shirt or singlet.
  • Points on offer for Team & Individual Challenges within the sessions.
  • Stacks of Bonus Points on offer for big efforts, encouragement and good spirit.

As Challenge Week progresses, you WILL be fatigued, you WILL be sore, but so will everyone else. This is the week to lose the excuses!

Last Challenge Week, the YELLOW Team won by a solitary point over the REDs. When you’re talking about a Team Total in the thousands, that shows you how close it can be. Just one extra person at one session could have changed things. No-one can afford to slip up!

GREEN won Series I.

RED won Series II.

YELLOW won Series III.

Is it BLUE‘s turn or will one of the other Teams win it for a second time?

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, click here to catch all the Challenge Week action.



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