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Welcome to the first Weekly Wrap of 2014. Its been all systems go as Oxygen Members come out of hibernation and back into high intensity training. All sessions so far have had a great energy to it as people look to attack their New Year’s Resolutions and burn off the holiday calories. We’ve got some exciting plans for you this year and we’ll continue to lead the way as Kiama’s most innovative and exciting fitness community. Read on for all the news…

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
What’s Been Happening?
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Sessions resume
Oxygen Health & Fitness kicked off at 6am Monday morning with STRENGTH and FitChicks pumping out the weights. Two weeks off doesn’t sound long but when combined with alcohol and some less than ideal food choices it can leave you feeling a bit out of shape. From what I’ve seen, and I can certainly attest to it myself, two weeks away from the weights really affects strength levels. Even more reason to get stuck into our new year STRENGTH programs I say.

There’s also been some great cardio sessions with Kendalls Killer INTERVAL RUN full of sand and stairs, some brutal VIP sessions where the Punisher Sled felt like it was stuck in the mud and plenty of people turned out for a BOXING Blitz involving the man-shields. Here’s the reigning member of the year Claire Osborne kicking some butt.
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Lofty Goals and high motivation
It’s that time of year where most people have put some thought into what it is they want to achieve with their health & fitness. That’s a great start and if you haven’t made that step yet, do it. The next step though is to really get clarity about that goal, look at the detail, break it down. You cannot afford to be blasé about it if you truly want to succeed. 

“I want to lose weight”, “I want to improve fitness”, “My goal is to improve running”, “I want to lose body fat” – these are not goals!

How much weight? Improve what type of fitness? What type of running and by how much do you want to improve? By what date will you achieve all this?

This is the type of detail you MUST determine or you will fail, absolutely no doubt about it. Sorry to spoil the fun but I’ve seen it time and time again.

Set SMART Goals (that’s Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based) recruit some support to keep you accountable, and get to work!

If you need help secure one of the 6 spots we have available at our Group Consultation this Friday 7am at Gloria Jeans. Did I mention this valuable service is FREE??

Be one of the first 6 to register here
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One of the new initiatives we’re launching in 2014 is the Member of the Week. This is to help everyone recognize a standout performer we can all draw inspiration from each week. Every month we will then have 4-5 contenders for our Member of the Month Award and by the time October rolls around we’ll be talking Member of the Year Presentations and rolling out the red carpet.

In case you don’t know already, we award “Performance Points” for every Oxygen session. These are awarded to people who push outside their comfort zone at training, maybe they do extra sets or heavier weights, bring a great attitude and energy to the session, encourage other members and are generally an asset to the Oxygen community. These points help determine the above awards so just remember, we are watching!

The first member of the week for 2014 is…

Rachel Braun

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Upgrade your Membership and receive an Oxygen Gift Pack Valued at $70 (includes T shirt, Trucker cap or Visor, Drink bottle and Protein shaker cup).

  • Boot Camp Unlimited to Semi Private (FitChicks/Spartan)

        = $199 per month to $240 per month

  • Semi Private to VIP

        = $240 per month to $320 per month

Membership upgrade is for 12 months and must be completed by 3pm Friday 10th January. Limited to first 3 people.

Weekly Wisdom
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What’s Coming Up?
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Friday 10th January
Fitness Assessments
6am Kiama High School
Get your baseline statistics in strength, cardiovascular, endurance and girth measurements to determine where to improve.

“If you don’t know where you are going you’ll end up someplace else.” – Yogi Berra
Group Consultation
7am Gloria Jeans
Click here to secure one of the 6 places
Saturday 11th January
RUN SQUAD returns
6am South Bombo Beach
In preparation for our first running event of the year, the Wanda XTreme 6, RUN SQUAD for the next 2 Saturdays will be sand based and barefooted. Meet at the South Beach car park via Hothersal Street.
SUPER SATURDAY revised time slot
730am Surf Beach
Monday 20th January
21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp starts
Register your friends or family here for just $97
Precision Nutrition 101 starts
12 Week Nutrition Coaching Online Program starts
Click here to register for just $299
Sunday 26th January
Wanda Xtreme6
Wanda XTreme 6km Soft Sand Fun Run
Come and tackle the unique challenge of the infamous Wanda Sand Dunes and help us kick off Australia Day in style.
Register here for just $55
Monday 27th January
Public Holiday – no sessions

You can’t live without it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
02 4233  2963


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  1. I think it was from your post that I started a Facebook group cealld Just Move and invited a few of my friends who were committed or wanted to commit to exercise. We post daily or weekly how many miles or minutes of walking or running we do, or anything else that gets us moving. It has helped keep me motivated. We started out by making a game of it, using a program online where we walked across America. We did that in no time flat. Now we have a few runners who make me feel very lazy when they post their miles and i am still posting my 45-50 minutes of hill walking and not nearly often enough. It’s definitely been helpful. Thanks!

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