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Time for another Weekly Wrap to hit your inbox. We’ve had a great week here with a mix of different success stories so I’ll save the rest of the formalities and get straight to it. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
What’s Been Happening?
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Oxygen Mixed Touch Team on Fire
It’s one of my favourite sessions of the week when we get out on the Touch Footy fields at Jamberoo on a Friday night. The competition out there has about 50 odd teams and we’ve found a great mix of girls and guys who know how to play. Last comp we finished 2nd. The combinations we put together last Friday against good opposition, with no substitutes, is a good sign we’ll go a long way again this comp. It was really pleasing to see everyone involved playing a part. Sheri Calverley, Leanne Adams and Rachael Braun in particular were strong for the girls. It was great to see the big guy Troy Allen in full stride again after some knee troubles this year. Andy Adams was deceptive as usual and Clint Nicholson ended up bagging four tries on one leg. Great team effort and thoroughly enjoyable to be part of.

Traci’s Torture times two
SpotlightSecond time around for Super Saturday with Traci and despite knowing what they were in for, the clients still suffered. Chatting to one David Files, who always pushes hard, and he said after the first Kendall’s stair set he was pretty much (you fill in the blank)! That was before the actual workout had really started with kettlebells, walking lunges, skipping and more still to come. Well done Traci you’ve certainly added to the good run of Super Saturday sessions these past few months and we’ll be looking to create a good schedule of these popular strength/cardio sessions in 2014!
Targets Smashed!

Our Semi Private Personal Training clients continue to amaze with some outstanding achievements this week. With our Kiama FitChicks Club, I would say 90% of targets have been met across eight different exercises and 20 women of all shapes and sizes. There’s a misconception that you must be a super-fit size to do FitChicks. What you really need is a good work ethic and strong mental attitude. When you have this, we can help you achieve some amazing things like these girls.

  • Tammy Langlois – 110kg Deadlift, 18 Weighted Chin Ups (2.5 kg)
  • Kerry Philp – 102.5 kg Deadlift
  • Jade Braun – 18 Weighted Dips (2.5 kg)
  • Marnie Beauchamp – 95kg Deadlift (up from 60 kg post surgery)
  • Megan Casey – 18 Unassisted Chin Ups
  • Rochelle Manczak – 70 kg Deadlift (up from 40 kg only a few months ago)

With the Kiama Spartan Training Club, there’s some equally exciting progress being made:

  • Daniel Rouse-Stanton – 160 kg Deadlift, 18 Weighted Chin Ups (5 kg) 18 Dips (20 kg)
  • David Files – 135 kg Deadlift, 18 Dips (15 kg)
  • Bruce Borchadt – 140 kg Deadlift, 45 kg Shoulder Press
  • Dave Lambert – 150 kg Deadlift, 18 Weighted Chin Ups (10 kg,) 105 kg squat
  • Guy Farland – 34 kg DB Chest Press, 18 Chin Ups (10 kg)
  • Mark Burns – 70 kg Barbell Row
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12 Days of Christmas Sale
SpotlightWe’re up to Day 3 of the sale and if the information above has aroused your curiosity, I encourage you to take advantage of today’s special over at our website. It’s a 3 month taste-test of Semi Private Personal Training which you can use in the New Year to take your results to the next level. That’s not hype either, we have the results to back up our claims so if you feel you need to step it up take up this offer before 9am tomorrow!
Weekly Wisdom
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What’s Coming Up?
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Saturday 7th December


7am Kiama Leisure Center


Super Saturday changes location for the next two weeks as we head to the Kiama Leisure Center Fields for Kerry’s Killer! She’s feeling extra motivated after a stretch of hard training with both her FitChicks and Spartan training buddies.

That. Spells. Trouble.

I’ve seen the session plan and I’m both excited and nervous to tackle the challenge. Please join me for some torture this Saturday 7am. Please?

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Saturday 14th December


6pm Blue Diamond Bar


Saturday 21st December


7am – Location TBA (you love a good mystery)

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You can’t live without it!

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