Oxygen Health & Fitness is back in action for 2015

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Welcome back to another year of Oxygen Health & Fitness!

This first week back has seen an incredible atmosphere at training as everyone rips back into their routine. The strength sessions have started slowly with some important Assessments and Testing but the intensity at our Conditioning sessions has been awesome.


As you’re probably aware, Oxygen has some exciting plans ahead in 2015 and I hope to disclose more about that by the end of this week. In the meantime, keep up this momentum that we’ve started and charge towards your Goals for the year ahead.

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness


What’s Been Happening?

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Conditioning Killers

Monday night started back with a Circuit format we are used to however that didn’t mean it was easy. It never is. But when you add in a few weeks of inactivity and less t (oh and a little bit of alcohol) it was always going to be tough. However, you have to start somewhere so we went.
Three 7 minute rounds of 50 Skips, 40 Battle Rope Waves, 30 Med Ball Slams, 20 Kettlebell Swings and 10 Tyre Flip/Jump throughs. Then a nice little Finisher of 1 stair Run/10 Burpees, Stair Run/8 Burpees, 6/4/2. All up about 24 minutes of actual work but all done with the right effort at the right intensity.


Wednesday night was one of the best Conditioning sessions I can remember, period. There was a pendulum style workout on the grandstand meaning you run up one staircase complete a few exercises, run back down, complete a few exercises at the bottom, run up the other side of the grandstand complete a few exercises and repeat again and again. Like Monday night, it was three 7 minute rounds involving 50 Skips/10 Kettlebell Swings, Three x 80kg Sled Runs, 50 Battle Rope Waves/10 Med Ball Slams, Three x 15m Tyre Flips. Then another Finisher involving the Countdown Method of 10/8/6/4/2 of Burpees/Med ball Slams & Kettlebell Swings. A GREAT start to the year!
Super Saturday Soaking


Assessment Data

The Assessment process has been comprehensive involving Girth Measurements, Body Fat %, Photos, and the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). Today we finalise Strength Testing to finish off Week 1 and prepare everyone for the weeks ahead.


As everyone returned to strength training this week, the FMS is designed to assess everyone’s basic movement patterns. It’s very important to identify any dysfunctional patterns before loading up with heavier weights in the Program due to start next week.
The FMS identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and physical conditioning and distort body awareness. It creates a baseline to mark progress and provides a means to measure performance. It also indicates an individual’s readiness to perform exercise so that realistic goals can be set and achieved.Once I have finalised everyone’s Assessments I can add specific exercises based on your scores to instantly create customized improvement plans.This data, as well as your two most recent stats for most of the Assessments (incl Photos), will be emailed to you via some new software I have called Active Toolkit. Here’s a snapshot of what your Personal Report will look like:

Active Toolkit Report


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Carolyn Francis

It’s been a short week but our first Member of the Week for 2015 goes to the Rookie of the Year from last year, Carolyn Francis. Carolyn has hit the ground running with some big efforts at both of the Conditioning sessions this week and also the Assessment process during Strength. She also happens to be a friendly, helpful and encouraging Member to be around and that’s just the sort of culture we’ll continue to encourage at Oxygen in 2015. I warned you all, she’s one to watch this year! Well done Mighty Mouse.


Weekly Wisdom

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Weekly Deal

21 Day Challenge for $21

It takes 21 days to form a Habit. What better time of year than now to get started on some healthier habits. Take this Challenge to get re-focused on the 10 Rules of Precision Nutrition.
You’ll have to record a DAILY Health Diary, Write down your Short and Long term Goals DAILY, Score yourself out of 100 DAILY and check in to our Nutrition Forum DAILY for Accountability to your peers. I’ll  record your ability to adhere to the Challenge Rules and give you a 21 Day Report Card to summarise your efforts.


This 21 Day Template can be replicated at ANY time throughout the year to get yourself back on track or work towards a new goal. Try it out for only $21 and not only will you be on track for success but you could be the one lucky person at the end of the Challenge who wins a $50 Voucher to Seabreeze Dining.
Starts Monday 12th January.


What’s Coming Up?

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Friday 9th January


Black Beach
(Kiama High in inclement weather)
The Brooding Italian Cafe
Come and set some Short and Long Term Goals for 2015 in a supportive atmosphere with your Oxygen Health & Fitness training buddies.
Did I mention there’s Coffee?
7:10pm Field 1
Kevin Walsh Oval

Saturday 10th January



Kiama High School

Monday 26th January

No Training

Sunday 15th February

5km Obstacle Course involving Rows, Box Jumps, Sleds, Stadium Stairs and many other familiar exercises all on the hallowed turf that has hosted the Olympics, Grand Finals, International Test matches and big name concerts.
Check it out here:

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