Oxygen is Underway

Sunday 11th October saw the Official Launch of Oxygen Health & Fitness. The festivities kicked off at Hindmarsh Park Kiama where 20 people boarded the Oxygen Mini Bus bound for Werri Lagoon. From there we witnessed the opening of The Kiama Coastal Track by Mayor Sandra McCarthy, a 6km stretch between Gerringong and Kiama that has been 9 years in the making.

underway1The crowd was huge, the views were amazing and nature even turned on a performance for us too with a spectacular sunny day and a pod of whales coming out to play for the visitors. The pounding of huge seas into the headlands also added to the atmosphere of the morning. We made our target of completing the track just before 11am and then it was back onto the bus with the warm up completed.

Just after 11am we arrived back at Hindmarsh Park,our new base, to be greeted by a few more participants for our Punch in the Park Boxing Session. By this stage it was really starting to heat up but despite a few sun burns the crew battled on for the hour and showed the people of Kiama how to pack a punch.

underway2 underway3

Oxygen would like to thank all in attendance for making it such a great day and helping us gain an immediate presence. There were a few enquiries on the coastal walk about who we are and what we do and there were certainly lots of curious onlookers at Hindmarsh Park during the boxing session.

I’m sure we will look back at this blog post in years to come and reminisce about how it all began. Stay tuned…


  1. Hi Dave
    I was interested to see what was happening in the park, as I walked by. Looks great! Well done for bringing some outdoor fitness to Kiama. Please keep me posted on what is happening with events.

  2. Alix - Personal Trainer Oxygen says:

    Thanks for your comment Gaye!

    Its great to hear that local residents noticed us in the park!

    We are off to a great start!

    We now have the group training timetable posted on the website feel free to check it out! We are in Hindmarsh Park at 6am every morning and 6pm Monday-Thursday! You are more than welcome to come along any time and experience some Oxygen!!

    We hope to really make a positive impact on the people of Kiama through the enouragement and experience of health and Fitness!

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