Oxygen Health & Fitness set to celebrate

Hope you’re having a great start to your week. I’ve got the usual dose of Monday motivation for you and today’s topic is a really important one that I see way too many people ignore.

We’re all our own harshest critics and quick to identify when we’ve done the wrong thing, not followed through, fallen off track or failed altogether. That’s easy and most people have no trouble admitting to our faults.

Very few people are as good though at recognising when they’ve done the right thing, followed through with our plan of actions, stayed committed and achieved a level of success.

Failure to appreciate these small successes can lead us off track and de-motivate us to continue pushing forward when times get tough.

And there will be tough times, don’t kid yourself.

But if during these times you can remember the victories you’ve had along the way, the adrenalin and excitement you had at the time can spur you along to bigger and better things.

Tomorrow we celebrate Oxober. That’s the month I decided to launch a business that would inspire the community of Kiama to lead fitter, healthier lives.

There’s been plenty of hurdles, obstacles and roadblocks we’ve encountered along the way to making Oxygen Health & Fitness what it is today.

But you can be damn sure we’re gunna celebrate everything that is great about Oxygen over the next month of celebrations.

You should do the same with your Kiama fitness program to celebrate how far you’ve come. My guess is it will inspire you to further improvements that some day down the line you’ll be celebrating as well.

You can’t live without it!

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