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Hey, I hope your weekend was great and you take some motivation from today’s blog post to kickstart your week. Today’s topic is one that I’ve already mentioned a little bit at Oxygen Health & Fitness this month. It’s the perfect time of year to be directing your thoughts this way.

It’s December, it’s nearly Christmas, the year’s nearly over.

Hopefully you’ve kicked some personal goals this year and made some significant achievements. Maybe there’s some things you haven’t achieved, failed at even. That’s ok, as long as you learn something from it.

Throughout the chaos of the next 22 days (yes that’s all we have left of 2013!)  I encourage you to do a little review of the goals you set for yourself this year. Figure out what went well, what needs more work, what new things you’d like to achieve in the year ahead.

You’ll feel a huge sense of relief when you get clarity about what it is you really want. It’s pretty exciting if you can then break it down into bite size chunks that will keep you motivated along the way. Those short term goals are critical to your long term success but you’ve got to get clarity about the big picture first.

Now is the time.

Put some real thought into what it is you want in 2014.

Put a deadline date on it.

Make it specific.

Make it happen.

 If you need help to sort out a plan of action for 2014 talk to the experts Oxygen Health & Fitness about it.

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