Pre-Bed Snack from your Kiama Personal Trainers


It’s that  time of the week at Oxygen Health & Fitness ……….








Time for another Friday Fuel recipe to take into your weekend.

Have you ever been thinking of desert but didn’t want to ruin your awesome eating for the week? Your Kiama Personal Trainers have found the solution!

Oxygen Fitness have found this protein packed yummy snack that is perfect for dessert or before bed.  Did you know Cottage cheese contains a protein called Casein, which is slowely released and feeds those hungry and recovering muscles while you sleep. Mixed with some other yummy and nutritional ingredients,your body will be thanking you in the morning.

Go a head, treat your body after working it hard at Oxygen BootCamp.

CLick here for a recipe for a Pre-Bed Snack, Have a go and see what you think,
even throw a few rasberries on for that berry kick.



Another jewel of a fuel for ya!

Live it, breathe it!

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness





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