Thursday Thought – Re-assessing your Kiama Group Fitness

I’m talking about the Thursday Thought and those insightful little gems from a book I like called “Now is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay.

What I’ve got today is important for TWO reasons:

1.  Today is the 1st of March – the start of a new season
2.  Tomorrow is our Bi Monthly Kiama Group Fitness Assessment

So what.  Why does that matter?

Now is the time to……

Start Again

Look at nature:
Nothing stays the same.
Use change to your advantage.
Keep the things that matter.
Change the things that don’t.
Like a sporting champion.
Change a losing game.
Then start afresh.

“Go out as far as you can go and start from there.”  Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Tomorrow’s Fitness Assessment is so important so you can re-assess and review where you’re at in regards to your health & fitness goals.

Everyone has goals or reasons why they train.

If you’re not assessing, you’re just guessing.

I’ll see you tomorrow,

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