Goal Setting Advice from your Kiama Personal Trainers

Hope you’re having a productive start to your week.

In today’s Monday Motivator, your Kiama Personal Trainers share some useful advice for anyone to kick their goal setting motivation into overdrive. Have a read and let me know how you go applying today’s tip.

One of the more important strategies you can use to reach your Long Term Goals is to REWARD yourself at regular intervals along the way. Achieving your Goals should not be all about sacrifice.  At some point in the process, you can (and should) reward the progress you have already made.


Many times people wait until they’ve achieved the end result to reward themselves. The problem with this is that most times obstacles will come up and if you haven’t been rewarding yourself for the “small wins” along the way it can be easy to lose motivation or worse still, quit altogether.

Rewards can be anything that will incline you to strive to reach it, and they do not have to be huge. Typical fitness rewards that your Kiama Personal Trainers use are things like buying that new workout top, going out for a nice healthy lunch, or bigger things like going skydiving or a well deserved weekend away. They key is to make your rewards realistic, both physically and financially otherwise they won’t motivate you to continue working towards the goal.

You can even make a game of it. Write down a variety of rewards on small pieces of paper, fold each piece in half and place them in a jar. Each piece of paper needs to be something that will motivate you to reach that short term goal. When you reach it, pull a piece of paper out of the jar. That is your reward for reaching the short term goal.

A reward system helps you keep your focus on the goal. When you begin feeling the temptations that make you want to throw in the towel, look at that rRewards can motivate you so you continue to follow the course of your goals. Without them, you don’t have small triumphs to look forward to along the way and the probability of reaching your goals is lessened. Try the Reward strategy to rev up your motivation and celebrate the “small wins” along the way.

“You get what you reward. Be clear about what you want to get and systematically reward it.”
Bob Nelson (International Motivational Speaker)

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