Saddleback Smash to gain national exposure

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to play host to Simon Butler-White (Editor of Australian Men’s Fitness Magazine) and his partner Pennie. Kiama Tourism had pitched an idea to them about our town being a great destination for Sydney-siders to spend an active weekend away. A great itinerary was set including Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboarding, walking The Illawarra Fly and Minnamurra Rainforest and of course something a little bit more extreme, the Saddleback Smash.

That’s where I come into it.

Both Simon and Pennie are fit and active, participating in numerous City2Surf’s and even Master’s Athletics events but it wasn’t long before they were totally mesmerised by both the scenery and intensity of our showpiece event. As we made our way up the infamous Hell Hill they both commented that they would never again complain about City2Surf’s Heartbreak Hill.

We continued to chat about all things fitness on the 6km walk back down. I was in awe of Simon and his position within the fitness industry interviewing some of the world’s best trainers, athletes and fitness models. He’s very well connected, he’s good at what he does and he projects a certain confidence because of it. As nerve racking as it can be to surround yourself with people like that, there’s no way I was letting this opportunity pass without at least asking if he could help me.

Ask and you shall receive.

He loved the Saddleback Smash.

He loved the spectacular views from Saddleback Mountain.

He certainly thought Australia’s Toughest Fun Run was a fitting title.

He believes in our vision to attract 1000 participants over the next 5 years.

He was only to willing to help me try and promote it.

End result is that Men’s Fitness will feature the Saddleback Smash in the next Issue. Men’s Fitness will cross promote via Facebook. Both the Male and Female Winner will receive a 12 Month Subscription to Men’s Fitness and Shape (their sister magazine for women) as well as every entrant in the 2013 Saddleback Smash will receive the latest copy of either Men’s Fitness or Shape magazine. Simon and Pennie are even organising their own group of friends to come down and participate in this year’s event.

The point of this entire blog post and why it’s the topic of our Monday Motivator is this:

If you need help with your fitness, nutrition, mindset, or all of the above, click here for a free chat with your Kiama Personal Trainer. Ask and you shall receive.


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