Are you getting your Saddleback Smash training in?

Hey there it’s your Kiama Personal Trainer with a little Monday Motivation to kick off your week.

Over the weekend we saw a change in the weather as we experienced a few showers and overcast conditions. It certainly wasn’t the worst conditions, in fact, overall it was pretty nice. However because we’ve been spoilt through Winter with unusually warm weather and sunshine, Saturday mornings rain and mist kept a few regular exercisers buried under the doona.

Last week we had 30 participants keen and raring to go for Saddleback Smash training. The Smash Squad know that getting some serious training in for Australia’s Toughest Fun Run will definitely serve them well in 4 weeks time when the event is on.

This week though, the weather turned sour (only slightly) and bam! 30 participants dropped down to 8!

Now I know it wasn’t very nice outside, there was a misty rain and we were soaked within a few minutes of running. It wasn’t the most enjoyable run I’ve ever done but we got out there and did the work required anyway.

Mission accomplished.

But there were plenty of people who didn’t show.

Scaredy cats.



Fired up?


See you this Saturday and you can slip a few swear words at me as you run up Hell Hill.

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”
Jerry West

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