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One of our Core Values at Oxygen is “Constantly learn, always improve.”  One of the initiatives we’re bringing back to help you get better results from your health & fitness program is the Friday Fuel healthy recipe ideas.

Each week there will be Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Snacks and Shake ideas to give you some variety and provide the missing link in the path to better results – Nutrition. Friday is a convenient time of week as you can print the recipe off, have a read and go buy the necessary ingredients over the weekend. You do plan your weekly mealsahead of time don’t you?

One of the meals I buy ingredients for every week is this classic:

Salmon & Soy Ginger Lentils with Baby Bok Choy

I would have to say that this is my favourite salmon recipe at the moment. The Salmon part is dead easy. Wrap the Salmon fillets in foil and chuck them on a hot BBQ for 5 minutes each side.
Salmon is a great source of dietary Omega 3 which increases fat breakdown in the body and has beneficial effects on cholesterols, blood vessels, inflammation, brain function and your metabolism.
Soy Ginger Lentils with Baby Bok Choy is from a cook book called Gourmet Nutrition which is a great tool for any fit food lovers looking to improve their nutrition habits. I love this one after a Spartan session, as it’s best enjoyed after training due to it’s starchy carbohydrate component.

You can’t live without it!

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