Express Memberships

As well as our Full Strength & Conditioning Memberships, we also offer some flexibility to our Clients so they can fit training into their busy lifestyles.

Our 30 Minute Express Memberships allow you to come along and get a High Intensity hit of either Strength or Conditioning with up to four 30 minute Sessions available each day to choose from. At just $37.50 per Week for Unlimited Sessions these are great value Memberships.

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Warrior Conditioning 30 Min Express


Warrior Sessions combine Core Work, Power Drills, Strength Training and Fat Burning Finishers. Often the most popular Session on our Timetable.

Conditioning Sessions involve High Intensity Intervals, Tabatas & Finishers in a killer cardiovascular session that will leave you sweating. They involve out of the box equipment like Rowing Machines, Battle Ropes, Sleds, Kettlebells, Tyres and much more.


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