Corporate Wellness Programs

Did you know that 20 – 40% of payroll is attributed to poor health and decrease performance?  How much money can your business afford to lose?

Over the past decade studies clearly show how closely our work and health are intertwined.  Our work affects our health – our health affects our productivity, as well as social and family relationships.

Does your organisation need to lift it’s workload?

Get Oxygen Health & Fitness to implement your very own OH&F Corporate Wellness Program to improve People, Performance and Profits in the Workplace.

We are sure that you will find our renowned professional reputation is exactly what your organisation is looking for. As experienced trainers and motivators, Oxygen can help each one of your employees to set specific, measureable and attainable goals as well as provide the inspiration needed to reach them.

Beyond just the realm of fitness training, OH&F Corporate Wellness programs encompass team building events, health and nutrition seminars, practical health and cooking workshops, education resources and learning materials as well as discounts to exterior Oxygen Health & Fitness services such as Group and Personal Training.

With the ability to trial Oxygen’s services with our popular “Pilot Programs”, your business can experience the benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program with minimum cost and low risk. From there we can customise a program to suit your needs and have your business working at maximum capacity in minimum time.

In summary, if you are aiming for an effective health and wellness program for your organisation, it is recommended that you implement a comprehensive, thorough program over the long term.

To take advantage of our “Pilot Program” special offer or if you are ready to take action NOW and implement a Corporate Wellness program contact Oxygen Health & Fitness on 4233 2963 or email

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