Transformation Projects

Our Signature Membership, Members undertake a 12 Month Transformation Project to join the Fit Chicks Club (Women) or Spartan Training Club (Men).

Give us 12 Months to overhaul your approach to Exercise, Nutrition and Mindset and we 100% Guarantee Results. You WILL transform your Body, Strength, Athleticism and Overall Health.

You’ll have Unlimited Weekly Access to ALL Sessions, Special Events & OPEN GYM Times.

At your Monthly Consultation we’ll Design an Entire NEW Program,  Assess your Nutrition and Review Strengths & Weaknesses for a Personal Health Diagnostic.

Every 3 Months we’ll Test your Strength, Conditioning, Mobility and Body Composition with our Quarterly Workshop Week. From there you”ll receive a Quarterly Report Card where we’ll give you our Professional Recommendations and also what we notice you do (or don’t do) on a day to day basis. It’s serious Accountability, which is what’s necessary for Awesome Body Transformation and Healthy Habit Changes you can sustain for the rest of your life.

Members are required to submit a Testimonial and Before & After Pictures upon entry to “The Club”.

If you Refer a Friend and meet certain Strength & Conditioning Standards at our Quarterly Workshop Week you qualify for Discounted Membership Rewards. You may even make it ont our Wall of Fame!

Where else will somewhere Reward you for actually getting the Results you wanted anyway?

Fit Chicks Club is our Transformation Project for Women

Spartan Training Club is our Transformation Project for Men