Spartan Insider – Eleventh Edition

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Spartan Insider VIP Newsletter.

Spartans are completing the final session of Program 1 for 2014 today.

Some pretty ambitious Targets were set 6 weeks ago and although many of them seemed so far away, almost all of them have been ticked off, some easier than expected.


The guys have lifted heavy, sweated heaps and improved massively in only 6 weeks. It’s great seeing the physical, but more importantly, mental progress made as guys gain confidence in themselves and their ability. Most people are actually capable of much more than they ever thought and these Spartan guys are proof of what’s possible if you apply yourself.


A short new 4 week Program starts next week with some Crossfit style stuff set to take place. There’s some interesting combinations coming up that will test strength, power and endurance leading into Oxygen’s Challenge Week Series 8 in March.

It’s gunna be hard work but Spartans love a challenge!


Dave Lambert

Oxygen Health & Fitness

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Neutral Grip Chin Ups
Chin ups take a lot of practice to master, but they’re well worth persevering with. They work a multitude of muscles including lats, traps, biceps, rhomboids and your abdominal muscles.


To improve at this exercise you can use a resistance band, the thicker the band the more assistance it provides. The band is looped around the bar and then around one foot (more assistance) or one knee (less assistance). If you don’t have access to a band you can still master a chin up by training eccentrically and starting at the top of the chin up and slowly controlling the downward descent.

The straight bar Chin Up (palms facing you) places too much stress on the wrists, elbows and shoulders. Even if you haven’t experienced it yet chances are good that a steady diet of supinated (palms facing you) straight bar chin ups may come back to bite you in the ass… or elbow, eventually.

Wide Grip Pull ups (palms facing away from you) on a straight bar are a bit safer but could also be eliminated if you have any shoulder problems.

Many top level Strength & Conditioning Coaches expect their male athletes to be able to complete 8-12 consecutive chin ups regardless of their size or weight.

How to perform the Neutral Grip Chin Up:

1. Gripping the bar with a neutral grip (palms facing each other) hang from the bar with your arms fully extended.

2. Tighten your lats and your abs, puff out your chest and ensure you lower yourself into a “dead hang” position.

3. Grip the bar like you mean it. Grip strength is important in performing a chin up.

4. Pull yourself up to the bar until your chin is over the bar, puff that chest out even more into the underside of the bar then slowly lower to the starting position. Make sure to keep your head still and don’t hyper-extend your neck in trying to clear the chin up bar.

5. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Elbows into the pockets


Rather than concentrating on the massive task of pulling up, instead focus on pulling your elbows down into your short pockets. Be sure not to pull the elbows  back behind your body though. Pulling down to the pockets and not back past the body ensures the correct recruitment of muscles in the back whilst still keeping the shoulders and elbows safe.

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Pete Townley
This weeks Highlight goes to the man-mountain himself Pete Townley. Just this morning Pete smashed out a 170kg Deadlift (yep 170 that’s not a typo). Word on the street is he could be heard all the way down Shoalhaven St as he grunted his way through this mornings session. Pete has also progressed from Blue band Chin Ups to Green, Military Presses have gone from 43kg to 60.5kg and he finished today with the heaviest Incline Presses across both Spartan groups at 85.5kg with good depth. For a guy at 115kg he is showing some amazing all round strength and the muscle definition is starting to come out. Well done Pete!
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Dan Turnbull
He’s been jaunting around the world over the Christmas holiday period, but prior to a well earned holiday this guy had been training the house down. Dan consistently hit 2 sessions per week of Spartan Strength as well as 2 sessions per week of High Intensity Cardio with Sleds, Battle Ropes & Tyres to make significant improvements in his all round fitness. He believes training with the Sled is unmatched and the cardio transfers across to almost any activity. He proved this recently, easily blitzing through one of our toughest Interval Runs – The B Run which includes some of the steepest hill runs in Kiama. Dan’s been my training partner for most of the last year so I can vouch that this guys is made of the right stuff and he works hard for his results. Solid work bro.

You can’t live without it! Dave Lambert Oxygen Health & Fitness 02 4233  2963  

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