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Welcome to another edition of Spartan Insider VIP. This week signals the end of one of our most successful 6 week programs – a tri-set routine of big, heavy, compound lifts. It’s been successful for both 6am and 6pm groups in terms of targets reached and bodies transformed. Read on for all the exciting news from the Kiama Spartan Training Club.
Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness
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Barbell Squats
Squats are a brilliant exercise because it works the large muscle groups such as the gluteal muscles, the quadriceps, hamstrings and abdominals. Done correctly it can provide quick improvements in strength, muscle tone and performance.

Many people shy away from squats, especially with heavy weight as they fear it will damage their knees or backs but squats done properly will actually protect you in these areas.

How to perform a squat correctly:

1. Start with the barbell resting on the trapezius muscles at the base of your neck. Don’t allow the bar to rest on your neck pulling your head down. Your hands grip the bar just outside your shoulders and elbows point down towards the floor. Ensure feet are shoulder width apart and feet are pointing forward.

2. To perform the squat, bend at the hips and knees as low as you can keeping your chest up and looking straight ahead. Take the weight through your heels. Don’t bend forward when performing the move. Aim for your knees to get to at least a 90 degree angle.

3. From the low point straighten your knees and hips coming back to a standing position, tightening your gluteal muscles on the way up and keeping your abdominal muscles tight.

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Knees Out!
Watch your knees collapsing inwards when performing the up phase of the squat. If that happens you need to concentrate on squeezing your glute muscles, push the knees slightly outward when standing and/or decrease the weight you are lifting.
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Spartans learn how to Squat!
SpotlightDespite weeks of telling me they couldn’t, it’s been pleasing to see almost everyone Squatting big weights with low depth. It’s only been one notch lower in the Squat Rack but that extra depth certainly gets the heart rate up and the Quads and Glutes burning. David Files in particular was one guy who almost convinced himself he couldn’t do it until hitting the depth last week and now pushing that same depth with a solid 80kg of grunt. And I mean grunt, he’s not quiet about it!
Anthony Laglios from the morning groups has jumped from a 68kg to an 88kg squat.

Congrats also to Daniel Rouse Stanton for not only breaking the 100kg barrier but hitting his target of 105kg for the program.

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Troy Allen back in the groove
SpotlightHe’s a guy who’s suffered a few setbacks this year with knee surgery keeping him out of action and low motivation with nutrition to go along with it. There’s also been a busy year of house renovations, holidays and business. Troy’s a guy who I’ve always said can gain or lose weight very quickly experiencing an almost 20kg fluctuation both ways this year. When he’s been at his best he’s under the 100kg mark and moves as good as any athlete I know. At his worst, well you do the maths.

But I’m happy to report the big guy is down 5.5kg over the past 3 weeks, smashing sleds, belting tyres, squatting low, deadlifting and generally training the house down! He’s also back on the Touch Footy field and was heavily involved in one of the tries of the season last Friday. Keep it up Troy!

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