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Welcome to another Spartan Insider VIP Newsletter which covers all you need to know about how to improve your Kiama strength & conditioning program.


This past week Spartans have returend to a much more familiar training routine with a Program I’ve called Back to Basics. There’s only 4 exercises involved but they are four of the most important ones you should grow accustomed to.

Using just these four exercises, Spartans will hit all of the major muscle groups and re-train their bodies on lifting with great technique. Today’s Workout of the Week details a twist on old favourite that the guys have been using to great effect so far this year. Be sure to watch the video demonstration for some great technique pointers.

Read on for this week’s news…

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Box Squats


box squats 425lb
The Box Squat is a great tool for teaching people how to squat properly. Alot of people can’t squat with very good form their first few times but just about everyone can box squat, as long as you set the box to an appropriate height.
That means the point at which they can maintain a neutral spine or where they start crashing into the box due to weak hamstrings. This is usually at, or just below, parallel thigh height.The Box Squat teaches people to sit back a bit more and helps alleviate some of the knees forward, quad dominant squatting that is usually quite prevalent in beginners. It’s also a good exercise for those with problematic knees.

The box squat allows you to reach back more than would be otherwise allowable at a given stance, and it can be easy to achieve vertical shins. This piles more work onto the hamstrings and posterior chain, which is something all squatters need more of.

The box also provides a nice boost of confidence and security – “there’s something beneath me in case I miss.” This helps mentally blocked or timid lifters push higher weights.

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Strength and Mobility

The enemy of the squatter is both looseness and tightness. If the upper body or core gets at all loose, the weight will fold you over in a hurry, risking major injury. Yet if the shoulders, hip flexors and hamstrings are too tight, the correct body position and technique won’t be attainable and it’ll be hard to perform the movement well. Depth and spinal position will suffer.


The best squatters have great joint mobility but can also produce tremendous tension where they need it. EVERYTHING must remain tight – your upper back, lower back, abs, hips, legs, grip, everything. You should be sitting on the box like a motionless statue. The only thing you do is pause briefly and then you stand back up the exact same way you sat down.


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Back to basics

The first few weeks of the training year can be tough stuff. After the Xmas break which has usually involved less than ideal food choices and a fair amount of alcohoI, your body can be behind the eight ball right from the outset. Then, it’s as though your body forgets what even the most basic exercises and movements feel like. That’s why we have eased back into training so far despite the high motivation that comes with this time of year.


There was a thorough Assessment process and now these past few sessions Spartan Training Club Kiama has returned to a more normal routine with a Back to Basics Program covering the Squat, Trap Bar Deadlift, Neutral Grip Chin Up and Incline Bench Press. It’s been a while since we have performed these exercises after rounding out 2014 with a Bodyweight Blitz Program and also some high energy CrossFit workouts.


Between these four compound Back to Basics exercises, we have started back with a moderate to heavy workload. This has enabled us to focus on technique and safety first, which will ultimately lead to greater improvements later in the year.


heavy weight shit form


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Stronger than ever before

Val Perkovic started Spartan Training back in October last year and, along with his weekly Conditioning sessions, has been one of our most consistent attendees since. Over the past 12 monthsVal has been overhauled his life giving up smoking, alcohol and getting into a regular routine of exercise and organic food.

Just the other day Val mentioned that the last time he did any sort of strength training was when he was given a home gym as a gift for his 21st birthday. Now 46, Val has developed some great lower body strength especially with a 115kg Squat to start the year.

Val is very motivated for 2015 especially after setting some challenging Goals and identifying the underlying motivation as to why those Goals are important to him. His upper body strength is one of his main priorities and aims to improve btoh his Chin Ups and Incline Bench Press numbers. In only 12 weeks though, Val has already improved so much that he is the strongest he’s ever been and the sky’s the limit for this bloke.
Val Perkovic 1RM Squat

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