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Welcome to another Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap.


As the title of today’s email suggests, next week will see a change of scenery for Oxygen training sessions. As January comes to a close, school holidays finish up, tourists leave Kiama and our training areas need careful consideration.


There’s some exciting news I’ve been briefing you all on for a while now and, although I don’t have an official announcement just yet, let’s just say it looks like you may have done your last session at Kiama High School.


Read on for all the news…

Dave Lambert
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What’s Been Happening?

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Schoolyard Strength wraps up

The first three weeks of our training year have involved a comprehensive Assessment Process, Goal Setting and some great Back to Basics Training exercises. Although the software I signed up (and am paying for) has NOT been able to email you all your Personal Report, the important thing is we have the data for future reference. I am aiming to resolve these issues with the Active Toolkit Report but much of it is out of my hands.


The Back to Basics exercises have all been performed at Kiama High School under the shade of the grandstand. With the amount of tourists around town in January, our usual training areas have been largely out of action so the school has been a good alternative for space, parking and shade.


The sessions themselves have been excellent as everyone has zoned back in on technique and got back in the groove of heavy lifting.


Next week, ALL sessions will return to Chapman Oval for both Strength and Conditioning in Kiama. These will NOT be CrossFit style sessions like we were doing prior to Xmas but more traditional heavy weight, lower rep strength routines.


As I said in the intro, it looks like we may have done our last sessions at Kiama High School with our worst-kept secret within reach of announcement…


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Conditioning chaos continues

Conditioning sessions this week have again been top-notch, continuing the trend of intense effort that has kicked off our year. Monday night saw some looong Tyre Flips (1 x 30m) and 70kg Sled Runs (3 x 30m). Although we lightened the Sled Runs to 50kg and then 40kg by the end, the distance took it’s toll and everyone was thoroughly spent.


Enter Wednesday Conditioning. I took out Sled Runs for a change and replaced them with Farmer’s Walks (20kg, 17kg and 14.5kg). The Farmer’s Walks replaced the Sled Runs exactly with 3 x 30m efforts. When you just finished waving Battle Ropes, Med Ball Slams, Skipping and Kettlebell Swings that was taxing to then have to stroll up and down the 30m quadrangle. But hey, We all survived to tell the story. I think the Burpee/Box Jump Finisher just about nearly kiled a few people though…


Kel farmers walks


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Kylie Thomson

Kylie was a BootCamp Client for a number of years but injury kept her away from Oxygen Fitness through the first half of 2014. She returned midway through last year starting back with a change of training style lifting heavy weights at FitChicks and pumping up the heart rate with high intensity Conditioning sessions. The style of training really suits Kylie and the past week since returning from a NZ Holiday she has really riped back into her routine. She is great to have around at training as she brings a great work ethic and friendly personality, traits that will always be welcome in this community. Well done Kylie!


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What’s Coming Up?

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Friday 23rd January


Black Beach
(Kiama High in inclement weather)


Saturday 24th January


Surf Beach


Monday 26th January


No Training


Sunday 15th February

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5km Obstacle Course

This event has your name written all over it!

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