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I joined Oxygen Fitness in 2011 looking for new challenges. I had never boxed, nor had I run.  I loved it from the start – so much more challenging than any gym workout I had done before.   I love the variety of our workouts. I love that Oxygen challenges me to do better by tracking my results. What makes Oxygen really special are the awesome people that you get to workout with each day – inspiring, encouraging and fun!!  Oxygen is definitely a brilliant start to my day.
Leanne Williams, 47, Kiama Downs, 2012 and 2014 Oxygen Member of the Year

I love that the trainers will always push you when you think you’ve reached your limit…they just know…actually it’s a bit of a love hate thing…it hurts but feels so good when you have pushed through the pain. The Oxygen “family” is a very motivating and positive group, with a real sense of belonging. There is a real sense of team that shows itself when anyone has a win of any kind, big or small.

I find the group size allows for plenty of attention from the Coaches if required…whether its correcting technique or just upping the weights! The group is small enough to be accountable but big enough to create an environment of motivation and competition. This competition is more about each individual competing against themselves…to push to the next level more than beating each other…unless its Challenge Week, then it’s win at all costs!

The Coaches never make you feel inferior in any way, they just seem to know when you need a word of encouragement or a push to keep going. The sessions always appear reasonably simple but are so effective and  I’m now doing things I never thought I could…and I didn’t die or spew.

I think the Membership packages are great and I love the fact that I’m accountable…nowhere to hide.  Obviously different things work for different people, but Oxygen works for me!

I love the group camaraderie, even though we’re all there for ourselves, working at our own level, each member wants the others to excel…it creates a real positive vibe. I love the challenge of moving forward and setting goals, and being held accountable for both. The Nutrition Coaching has completed the puzzle of healthy living. Now I have exercise with a positive friendly group who aren’t afraid to push and know how to eat the right foods to fuel the journey. I love Oxygen!!!
Kat Hayward, 38, Shell Cove

I have had plenty of Gym memberships over the years. I have also spent way to much money on personal home gym equipment that didn’t get the love it was promised when I bought it! I find the personal family environment that Oxygen has helps with motivation. The variety of sessions, flexibility of times and well rounded workouts are great. 

I have grown up all my life being active. As everyone who’s older than me predicted, work and responsibilities began to dominate my life. I was introduced to Oxygen and found that making the appointment for either a 6am or 6pm or sometimes both, taught me that it is ok to take the time for just me. With each of the hour sessions being so focussed, it was impossible to bring the days troubles and stresses with me. The great family environment that Oxygen creates helps with motivation to keep at it and not drop off the way side which has repeatedly be the case with other gym memberships. With a greatly improved  fitness level and the regular mental respite that I get during the sessions, Oxygen has given me ability to tackle the days challenges with a newly found optimism and efficiency. The sessions are always run in a professional manner while still maintaining such a personal touch.

Oxygen has exposed me to a lot of new and different ways to work out and has pushed me to take on the exercises that I would have previously avoided. The personal results and goals that I have achieved have been extremely satisfying!

With the thorough workouts, dietary and cooking advise, Oxygen becomes a lifestyle. A lifestyle that I am stoked to have!
Dan Turnbull, 36, Gerringong

The benefits from Oxygen for me have been stress relief, meeting great people (clients & trainers), getting my pre baby body back, just loving getting out & about & exercise post baby number 3. Oxygen has offered more in the variety within the different sessions themselves helping to keep me motivated. I love their ability to think outside the square with Challenge Week, Oxygen Olympics etc.

I recommend Oxygen Health & Fitness for a guaranteed worthwhile & fun boost to your fitness levels. I have loved attending training sessions since January 2012  & my mind & body thank me for it running around after my three children. Great times with great people!
Megan Casey, 40, Shell Cove

After successive failed attempts to lose weight and get fit and healthy,  I received the Oxygen Health and Fitness flyer in the mail. Holding on to the flyer for a few weeks, after continued procrastination, I finally called and arranged an initial consultation. I know two other people that had previously utilised Dave’s services and he came highly recommended. Over the course of my training I have identified some key attributes about Oxygen, which gave me the confidence that working with them would ensure that I met my goals: They make the training sessions challenging and enjoyable. They’re experienced at maximizing results. They genuinely care about helping people improve their lifestyle. I have lost 15kg, dropped 2 sizes in clothes and my body shape has changed substantially. I feel more energetic and I have lost the aches and pains associated with excess weight. Training has become a natural way of life. I hate missing a session and I actually have heaps of fun doing it. This gives you a flavour of the results that you can experience by joining the Oxygen Health and Fitness team. I have confidence in recommending Oxygen to anyone looking to make a change in their life. If you have ever considered getting fit, then now is the time to do something about it. Life changing results will only come from lifestyle changes!
Mark Scott, 38, Kiama

Peer group pressure led me to Oxygen Health & Fitness.  As a person, who was accustomed to regular exercise, I failed to see the purpose in attending an extra weekly session to prepare me for the hockey season.  However, when the rest of my hockey team signed up I felt the pressure to join in and with great reluctance turned up to the first session.

It was intense from the outset and as the sweat poured off me I silently cursed my team mates. Nobody was more surprised than me when I signed up for regular training… with enthusiasm.

The encouragement, personal attention and wide variety of drills spurred me on to attempt and achieve things beyond my expectations, things I would have considered myself too old to do.  I now firmly believe my body is far more capable of doing things than I initially thought.

Kelli Campbell, 49, Gerringong


Oxygen Health & Fitness was invited by Mission Australia to create a 12 week health and fitness program for the students at Triple Care Farm.

Situated on 100 acres of land at Knights Hill, the Farm provides an ideal environment of peace and healing for emotionally hurt and troubled young people aged 16-24.

In a cooperative effort to help untangle their problems, Oxygen and the staff at Triple Care Farm are equipping students with the skills to make positive changes in their lives. Students participate in activities like Boxing, Resistance Training and Fitness Games.

Our on-site Boot Camp Program has been so well received by students that Oxygen now delivers sessions twice per week all year round.  Some graduates of the Triple Care Farm program have been so inspired, they have gone on to study their Certificate IV in Personal Training.


Nestle Pacific Islands held a company/family weekend away at Kiama, south of Sydney.

We were keen to run a family fun event that could cater to all ages and fitness levels. Accordingly we were introduced to Dave Lambert from Oxygen Health & Fitness.

From start to end the services provided by Oxygen Health & Fitness were excellent. No request was too big or too small to handle, and Dave exemplified great passion in ensuring our goals were met.

The day was made up of 4 missions and Oxygen Health & Fitness, along side Dave, were represented by friendly staff that had the aim of ensuring the Nestle Pacific Islands team had a great time.

All feedback received from the Nestle Pacific Islands team (including the General Manager) was excellent, everyone had a good laugh and a great work out and really enjoyed the Oxygen team’s passion and high energy.

We wish to truly thank Dave and his team for a wonderful afternoon and we would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Oxygen Health & Fitness.

Donna Keenan
Executive Assistant
Nestle Pacific Islands

“Dave Lambert helped re-energise attendees of the Young Professionals in Local Government Conference held in Wollongong. The early morning session allowed those staying at the Novotel to get together with other attendees and refresh their bodies to be ready for a second day of workshops. Everyone that came back from the sessions commented on how it was a great start to the day, they worked well with a group of people that they had never met before and made them all feel welcome and provided a full workshop for the different levels of fitness in the group. I would strongly recommend Dave for both one off events such as conferences and long term training”

Rosemary Crowhurst
Wollongong City Council
Organiser for the Livewire – Young Professionals in Local Government Conference

When asked about the positive benefits gained by taking part in Sydney Water’s Fit2Work Wellness Program, staff made these comments:

“Hi, I’m Reece Mitchell, a 47 year old middle aged family man and an employee of Sydney Water Corporation. One of the best decisions I have made is attending Dave Lambert’s training provided by the Corporation.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working out and suffering with my colleagues on a weekly basis under Dave’s supervision for over 5 years now.  As far as I’m concerned he has turned back time for me.  I consider myself a lot happier, which has benefited both work and family.

His weekly workouts are something the group discuss and look forward to.  I know meetings and events have been re-scheduled not to interfere with his classes they are considered that important. I believe Dave is very professional in his work, willing to listen and mixes things up as he sees fit.  He really knows his anatomy and knows how to get the best results.

He is an expert motivator and I recommend his sessions to everyone.  I’m very grateful for the results and the whole experience”.

Reece Mitchell, Customer Service Representative Illawarra

“The Fit2Work sessions are perfect because they’re held at lunch time so they don’t involve early mornings or late evenings. It’s an easy way to fit an hour of exercise for the day and the sessions include a variety of activities so it’s not repetitive.  I’m also a bit of a fan of the boxing sessions”.

Gill Fowler, Environmental Scientist

“I look forward to my exercise days as it gives me greater strength to get through the week”

Matt Rudd, Coniston Office

“BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal had organised the ‘Global Corporate Challenge’ at our Regional Office and Collieries.

Dave Lambert came to our Regional Office and gave an informed Presentation about nutrition and fitness and 5 key points to keep us focused while we were undertaking this challenge. 

Dave’s Presentation was interesting, informative and he also answered any questions that we threw at him”.

Sharyn Cranston
Purchasing Officer, BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal

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