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Welcome back to another Oxygen Health & Fitness Weekly Wrap.

This awesome atmosphere at training has continued this week as Fitness Assessments were completed and Strength Training for Kiama Spartan Training Club and Fit Chicks Club Kiama officially begins. The intensity at our Conditioning sessions has also continued and performance levels have been insane .


Now that we have our Goals in place and we’ve all identified our Number One Priority for next week, let’s keep up this momentum that we’ve started and charge into the year ahead.
Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness


What’s Been Happening?

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Strength training resumes

Our first real crack at Kiama Strength & conditioning this year has seen everyone working at around 70% of their 1RM on the core lifts of Incline Press, Squats and Trap Bar Deadlifts. We’ve also got back in the groove of performing those Neutral Grip Chin Ups which, as hard as they are seems to be an exercise that everyone enjoys, or at least wants to get better at.


Technique has been the focus but the workloads have proved quite challenging but achievable. This early emphasis on quality work and technique, is important as volume and increased weights will follow in the weeks to come. We are all set for a big year ahead and I can’t wait to see the improvements.




 Assessments complete

This first week and a half has seen some comprehensive Fitness Assessments in Kiama covering Girth Measurements, Body Fat, Functional Movement ability, Bodyweight Strength and 1RM testing on both the Squat and Incline Press. We added to that this week with some S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting so the everyone could translate the assessment data into some Short and Long Term Goals as well as a Plan for the year ahead.


The Assessment process may have taken a little longer than I expected, but I’m glad we all took the time to go through everything and I believe I have now developed an excellent system for all new clients that join Oxygen in the future.We will go through this Full Assessment again in your Groups every 12 weeks but we will re-measure Girth Measurements every 6 weeks. If you miss one of these important Assessments and you would like to catch up, you can book in for a Private Assessment for $87 at a time convenient to you.


Active Toolkit Report



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Val Perkovic

Val won this award back in November last year and has kept up the consistency ever since. Over the past 12 months Val has been overhauled his life giving up smoking, alcohol and getting into a regular routine of exercise and organic food. Val is very motivated for 2015 especially after going through the process of setting some challenging Goals and identifying the underlying motivation as to why those Goals are important to him. His past week has seen consistent attendance and intense efforts which earn him the title of Member of the Week. Keep it up Val you’ve got a big year ahead!


Weekly Wisdom

tragedy is no goal


Weekly Deal

21 Day Challenge for $21

It takes 21 days to form a Habit. What better time of year than now to get started on some healthier habits. Take this Challenge to get re-focused on the 10 Rules of Precision Nutrition.
You’ll have to record a DAILY Health Diary, Write down your Short and Long term Goals DAILY, Score yourself out of 100 DAILY and check in to our Kiama Nutrition Coaching Forum DAILY for Accountability to your peers. I’ll  record your ability to adhere to the Challenge Rules and give you a 21 Day Report Card to summarise your efforts.


This 21 Day Template can be replicated at ANY time throughout the year to get yourself back on track or work towards a new goal. Try it out for only $21 and not only will you be on track for success.



What’s Coming Up?

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Friday 16th January

Black Beach
(Kiama High in inclement weather)
The Brooding Italian Cafe
Come and set some Short and Long Term Goals for 2015 in a supportive atmosphere with your training buddies.
Did I mention there’s Coffee?
7:45pm Field 2
Kevin Walsh Oval


Saturday 17th January



Kiama High School


Monday 26th January

No Training


Sunday 15th February

5km Obstacle Course involving Rows, Box Jumps, Sleds, Stadium Stairs and many other familiar exercises all on the hallowed turf that has hosted the Olympics, Grand Finals, International Test matches and big name concerts.
Check it out here:

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