Monday Motivator – The mistake is not taking action on your Kiama Fitness plan

It’s the Monday Motivator again and I’ve got a quote regarding fear.  Specifically a common fear of making mistakes.  As a Kiama Personal Trainer it’s one of the things I need to constantly address with people before we can start to make progress on their health & fitness.


I’m not saying I don’t get scared, because there’s certain things we’re all afraid of.  But I’m not afraid of making a few mistakes because it means I’m taking action and I can at least course correct as I go.

Don’t get stuck like a deer in the headlights never taking action or too afraid of what might happen.  Mistakes can be as good a teacher as success is.


“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one.  “Elbert Hubbard”


Do you think after nine years in one place growing a client base and a reputation as good Personal  Trainer was enough reason to stop me coming to Kiama?  I had no money, no clients, no reputation and not even somewhere definite to live yet!  Did I have my doubts?  Did I think I could be making a huge mistake?

Yes, but I did it anyway.  I’ve made some mistakes an I’ve also had some great successes too.  It’s all part of the ride. So go take action on your goals and don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

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