Thursday Thought – Enjoy the journey with Oxygen Health & Fitness

It’s the Daily Blog and the Thursday Thought specifically. Each week Oxygen Health & Fitness shares one thought, one pearl of wisdom from a great little book called “Now is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay.

Challenge Week starts this Sunday 7am at Hindmarsh Park.

It’s full of physical and mental challenges to test you out. Add in the fact that the weather has been all over the shop. Add in the fact that we have all four Teams hungry for the prize and this Challenge Week (now in it’s fourth Series here at Oxygen Health & Fitness) will be won by the most committed Team. The fastest way to keep up to date with the latest Challenge Week Scores/Photos/Videos is to “Like” our Facebook Page here.

Regardless of where your Team finishes though, you’ll have a ton of fun so don’t forget:


Now is the Time to…

Enjoy the Journey














The crucial thing in life is the journey,

not the destination.

Focus on the trip, not the map.

Learn from the setbacks and diversions.

Use them to make yourself stronger and wiser.

Live life moment to moment

Allow yourself to enjoy the experience.


“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.” Randy Pausch (1960-2008)


You’re in for a hell of an experience next week at Oxygen Health & Fitness!


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