Thursday’s Thought – Now is the time to be a Kiama Group Training Mentor

These little pearls of wisdom come from the book “Now is the Time” by Patrick Lindsay.

Today’s thought is appropriate considering the number of new clients we’ve had around at Oxygen this week.  If you’re a long time Kiama Group Training client – have you thought about this?

Now is the time to…….

Be a mentor

This can bring unexpected benefits:  you pass on your hard-won skills and wisdom, you receive great insight and friendship, you light the way for another.  In return, you see life through different eyes and, usually, you’ll learn more than you teach.  By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn”  Latin proverb

Don’t forget you can be a mentor to friends and family by bringing them along to Oxygen.  If 3 of your friends join in January you can lock in our “Kiama Group Training Champion’s Rate” of $150 per month for Life. This makes you immune to any price rises we may have in future.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?  If Oxygen’s really as good as you say it is, it’s selfish NOT to share it with those closest to you.

Get some Oxygen with your friends,

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