Tuesday Tune In – Lift Heavy for your Kiama Fitness Program

It’s the Daily Blog and your weekly episode of Oxygen TV.  This week’s episode is appropriate given the format we’re using with STRENGTH down at Boot Camp this month.  It’s been great to see a heap of members overcome self-limiting beliefs and smash through their “glass ceilings”.  They’re all of a sudden lifting heavier weights than they ever thought they could. If you’re someone who wants to not only lose weight but also completely change the way your body looks, one thing that you absolutely must start doing is lifting harder.

You might be thinking, what’s the point?

Well, apart from the obvious strength increases, there’s 3 main benefits I talk about in this video – increased metabolic rate, enhanced muscle definition and improved nutrient partitioning.

Increased Metabolic Rate

The very first reason why you need to lift heavier is because this alone will increase your metabolic rate tremendously.  In order to get a good calorie burn post workout, you must create something called metabolic disturbance.The absolute best way to go about doing this is to shock the body and push it as far away from its comfort zone as you possibly can. The best method of doing this? Heavy weight lifting.

 Enhanced Muscle Tone

The second reason to consider adding heavy weight lifting into your program is because this is what will also help to enhance your muscle tone. Simply put, light weights won’t change the way you look.  You won’t really increase your definition or reshape your body.  To do that, you need to use heavier weights.

Improved Nutrient Partitioning

Finally, the third reason why you must lift heavier weights is because it will help improve your overall nutrient partitioning ability.  This essentially refers to where your body sends the calories you eat when you eat them.  Will it shuttle the nutrients towards your body fat cells or will the muscle cells soak them up?  Obviously you want more of the foods you eat to enter into the muscle cells, as this is what will ensure that you stay your leanest.

This is precisely what lifting heavier weights will help you out with.  By lifting heavier, if you do ever eat too many calories on your diet, the chances of fat gain will be very low because the body will just direct those calories straight to the muscle cells

And before you girls start screaming, “I don’t wanna get too bulky”.


Far too many women fear the heavy weights. They think if they pick up anything heavier than a 5-10 kg barbell, they’ll instantly start to bulk up like Hulk Hogan.  You must get yourself out of this thought process. The truth of the matter is that women simply do not have the hormonal profile in their body that would be required to build this significant degree of muscle mass tissue.  It’s just not going to happen.

a) You have about 10 times less testosterone than guys
b)  You need to eat A LOT of food and several drugs to bulk up
c)  These chicks below are leading experts in the field of female fitness that eat clean and lift heavy.


Holly Rigsby

Karine Losier

Pretty sure they’re lookin good don’t you think?

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