Tuesday Tune In – Vision Tips from your Kiama Personal Trainer

It’s that time of the week for some video to break up all this text and reading material.

This week’s Episode of Oxygen TV is expanding on that topic of GOAL SETTING with some powerful stuff about PSYCHOLOGY.

Now already this week this Kiama Personal Trainer has shared with you information about his VISION, which he found daunting and exciting at the same time. It was scary because it’s stuff that is personal  but it’s also very empowering because it’s showing that I walk my walk and I’m being true to my personal THEME in 2012 to be a better LEADER. I also understand how powerful it is to share your Goals with others as it helps build a support network around you that will help you stay accountable.


So, if you want to see how I stay motivated, how this Kiama Personal Trainer maintains focus, watch the video below.  There’s some great lessons you can learn.

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