Wednesday Wellbeing – Confidence is the key to Kiama Fitness Success

Today’s blog post is based on our theme for this week here at Oxygen – “Crush it with Confidence”.  Over the past 12 years working as a Personal Trainer in Kiama and the Illawarra, I’ll tell you by far the number one reason for many people not achieving their goals is a total lack of confidence.

People will take themselves out of being able to lift this amount of weight, run this distance, eat this amount of food, prepare this shopping list each week and guess what?

They’re exactly right!

As Henry Ford once said:

On the other hand though, the people that attack things with a positive mindset, confidence in themselves and their ability to overcome setbacks and get the job done, well Steve Jobs once said:

So today I want you to change your mindset.  I want you to embrace our Theme and Crush it with Confidence.  To help you get started, I’ve got a couple of images below that I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

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