Kiama Fitness Group back in action for 2011

Welcome back for 2011 to the biggest and best Kiama fitness group, Oxygen Health & Fitness.

Group Training classes are well underway with some great numbers showing up already.  There have been changes to the Timetable with the addition of two extra 9:30am sessions and a merge of our Strength and Core based sessions.  For more info on the timetable visit our website here.

We have some very exciting plans for 2011 and it starts with a jam packed January of events to kickstart your motivation.

Already we’ve seen some intense new metabolic circuits at our revamped Strength classes.  After lots of research and experimentation, I am very confident these fat burning, muscle toning workouts are going to be responsible for some incredible body transformations at Oxygen in 2011. Will it be you?

Ok, so without overloading you with too much information at this stage here are the top 3 things coming up at Oxygen:

  • Next Monday 17th January is the start of Bring-A-Friend Fortnight. We always offer everyone a FREE 1 week trial, but being the time of year it is, there are lots of people (your friends and family included) keen to reignite their drive for a healthier lifestyle.  This is your chance to help them. If you know someone who could use our help, or maybe someone who just needs that kick up the rear to get started, give them our 2 Week Bring A Friend Voucher and encourage them to come along and train with you next week.  Giving someone the gift of health is the most priceless and thoughtful thing you can do.  Keep an eye out, there are 3 vouchers headed for your letterbox.

Best Friends

  • Wednesday 26th January is Australia Day and also the second edition of our mystery “Road Trip”.  Last years Road Trip was hugely popular and this one will again combine all our regular classes into one big test of endurance.  Starting with Boxing, then Interval Run, Strength, Interval Run again, Core and Stretch, it will last about 3 hours and includes a rewarding breakfast straight after.  The session will start early so that everyone is back in Kiama to still enjoy a full day of Australia Day celebrations.  Register your name on the sign on sheet at class.

Oxygen Road Trip Jan 2011. Where will it take us?

  • Finally, for those of you that have set New Year’s resolutions and have some meaningful health & fitness goals you wish to achieve, we have a brand new service offering which will be launched on the 1st of February called V.I.P Group Training. This is where Group Training clients will have the opportunity to sample our Personal Training services, get some more individualized attention and coaching to get even more out of their program. Keep an eye out for that one if you’re keen on speeding up your results and working with a Kiama Personal Trainer in 2011.

V.I.P Group Training - Your ticket to faster results!

I wish you all the best of success in 2011 and remember we are here for you every step of the way.


  1. Roz Dalley says:

    Loving the idea of VIP Feb Dave!

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