What age do you wanna be?

We have a great new initiative this weekend for all our Group Training clients with the introduction of Fitness Age testing. FitnessAge is a fitness assessment that health professionals use to guide an individual through a series of physical tests, record the results, and then calculate that persons “FitnessAge”.

There is no magic formula here, rather, just a new way of looking at the industry established fitness statistics from over 60,000 people who have taken these same tests. From the data, we are able to easily see the performance averages for males and females at all age levels.

For example, the average 37 year old female has a recovery heart rate (from the step test) of 109 beats. Therefore, any female who achieves a recovery rate of 109 will receive a CardioAge of 37. The same is applied to each area of fitness to produce a BodyAge, CardioAge, FlexAge and StrengthAge, which when averaged = your FitnessAge.

The first testing session will be held Saturday November 7th at 6.30am before Boxing.

The test all up will take 30-45 mins and although not compulsory is highly recommended. Each participant’s results are entered into our computer and instantly emailed a copy of the results. The figures are then stored on file for future refernence and make a great motivational tool when you look back over time and see how mcuh you have improved.

Fitness Age tests will be conducted every first Saturday of the month at 6.30am. Your results will not be shared with anyone else but will make a great personal guide for you in knowing what specific area you need to work on to improve your Fitness Age. You need to know where you are at right now if you wish to improve.

How do you know you’ve reached your destination if you dont know where you are going?

I look forward to seeing everyone improve their Fitness Age and results so you can live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


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