World Personal Trainer Day

Tuesday 20th October was a very special day for a number of reasons. Firstly as Personal Trainers it was only appropriate that we celebrate World Personal Trainer Day and help spread the message about exercise, nutrition and healthy living. Secondly, it also happened to be World Osteoporosis Day as well. Thirdly, you just never know what other surprises are waiting out there for you unless you make the effort and embrace each day to the fullest.

For World Personal Trainer Day, a small crew of people rose early for their daily dose of Oxygen. The 6am class was an Interval session which alternated periods of high intensity work with recovery sections. It was a beautiful morning out along the front of Black Beach and the group worked hard on completing their sets. Once completed, we finished with some stretches along the edge of Black Beach Oval on the Harbour. As we gasped for Oxygen, excuse the pun, a surprise awaited us…

The 730am Heart Health class (which is targeted more to the baby boomers generation) rocked up for their 45 min dose of exercise and completed an excellent travelling session which again covered all across the front of Kiama Harbour. They finished the session with purpose and again we settled on the steps of Kiama Harbour for a relaxing stretch. Once again, a surprise awaited us…


Later in the day, the Oxygen Crew of Trainers swooped upon our Corporate Client Sydney Water and put on a special show for World Personal Trainer Day. The staff were quite surprised to see not just 1 but 3 Trainers show up. Dave, Alix and Patsy put the staff through their paces and punched out an intense lunch time stress buster. Despite having their reservations about a little boost in intensity for the day, they pushed their way through a tough session and were very proud of their efforts. The staff went back to their desks, tired yet energized at the same time. A typical Tuesday scenario at Sydney Water now for the last 4 years.


The day finished with a superb Boxing session in the shade of Hindmarsh Park Kiama and one of our biggest classes yet battled it out punching, ducking weaving and crunching their way through the class.

Throughout the day there were all sorts of strength exercises mixed in with our cardio. Exercise including strength training and healthy nutrition like getting the recommended amount of Calcium are great ways to combat the effects of Osteoporosis. Most published studies show that low calcium intake is associated with low bone mass, rapid bone loss and high fracture rates. Women are more likely to develop osteoporosis then men because of the changes in the body caused by menopause.

So where’s this going? Well, everyone needs exercise first and everyone needs strength training. Men, women, athletes, deconditioned and especially those with osteoporosis. It also pays to eat well. Get out there and get active. You can do strength training from the comfort of your own home using nothing but your own bodyweight. Your body will improve strength quickly, you will ignite your metabolism, burn more calories and then there are the long term benefits like a leaner figure. Try it, you will surprise yourself.

And just on surprises, the absolute icing on the cake for getting up out of bed and getting active outdoors in Kiama is that you might see visitors like this. For the 3rd time in 2 weeks now, we have witnessed this magnificent sight whilst getting fit at the same time. The pics don’t do them justice because these whales were literally just offshore. If you think the photos are fake look at the final photo of me and see what I’m pointing at.

Whales off Kiama 01Whales off Kiama 02Whales off Kiama 03

If you need help to reach your health and fitness goals this Summer then contact Oxygen Health & Fitness to get started now. You’ll love being outdoors in such a beautiful town like Kiama and plenty of other unexpected surprises as well. Oxygen Health & Fitness, You can’t live without it!

Dave and Whale

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