How to achieve your Kiama Fitness Goals in 2014

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Welcome to the final Monday Motivator of 2013. Operations wind down for us this coming Saturday 21st of December and then I’ll be off for two weeks of downtime. I hope these regular emails have provided motivation and in some way helped you to improve yourself.


One topic I regularly discuss is that of Goal Setting. It’s a learning process trying to figure out the most successful methods and some people spend their entire lifetimes never really figuring it all out.
Because of that many people don’t set Goals because they “tried that once” and it never worked out. But you can’t let failure stop you from trying again.


If you’re not setting goals for yourself, that’s failure right there because you have chosen to settle for second best.
Everyone has a goal too, don’t kid yourself.


Maybe they’re too scared to admit it for fear of failure. Maybe it’s because someone else told them they can’t. Maybe they have no idea how to get from point A to point B so they quit before they even start.

I’m not immune to these problems either but I surround myself with other movers and shakers who are all driven to succeed despite their many failures.

I’ve always been a big dreamer, I feel I plan things better than most and I’m a visual sort of guy so I thrive off mind maps, vision boards and those types of things to keep me motivated. Where I’ve often got off track is because I haven’t reviewed well enough but it’s one skill I am getting better at.
That’s enough about me though, what I want to share is the most common thing in 2013 I’ve identified that holds people back.



When you identify what it is you want, and you develop a plan for getting it don’t waste time going about your business, putting things off to get started.

Start now and pursue like there’s no tomorrow.

I heard someone very successful say once, “the world owes you nothing”. People with less opportunity, less knowledge, less money and less time than you have overcome their obstacles to live the life they dreamed of. So let go of your excuses.

Get after your Goals and make them a reality.

See you for more Monday Motivation in 2014.

Dave Lambert
Oxygen Health & Fitness

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